Things to Consider When Buying a Water Dispenser For Home

To keep our body and mind in healthy state, we need 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Drinking less than required amount of water can make our body dehydrated. Having a water cooler dispenser at home provide us with regular supply of fresh and good tasting drinking water.

There are numerous benefits of having a water cooler for home, Apart from saving cost on buying numerous water bottles, a water dispenser also offers numerous health benefit.

There are different varieties of water cooler dispensers available in market. Depending on our requirement and budget, we can choose the right variant for our home or office. Most dispensers are categorised in to following:-

  1. The very first categorization is between water cooler and water dispenser.

There is a lot of difference a cooler and a dispenser. They both dispense water but a cooler also cools the water using thermoelectricity. Usually a dispenser uses 2-5 gallon of water bottle atop the unit for the purpose of dispensing water.

  1. Water dispensers are further categorized in to bottled and bottleless

A bottleless unit is attached to the buildings main water line for unlimited excess of water, whereas, bottled water dispenser uses  2-5 gallon of mineral or purified bottled water attached on the top of the appliance.

  1. Third categorization is between Free-standing and countertop water dispenser.

Freestanding dispensers are best suited for offices, gym or places with larger area because they usually come with a height more than 21 inches and require a lot space. The countertop water coolers on other hand are best suited for home or small places as they can easily fit on a counter or a table without using much space and can be moved around easily.

There are some important features one must look for in buying the water dispenser. Some of them are:-

  1. Capacity – Most water coolers come with the capacity of loading 3-5 gallon water bottles. Depending on your family’s daily drinking water requirement, you can choose the right model.
  2. Some water dispensers consume less electricity than other units. You have to make sure you purchase that unit which helps you save on your electricity bill
  1. Some of the units have child safety lock which prevent kids from scalding their hands with hot water faucet.
  1. You Make sure that water dispenser goes well with  décor of your kitchen and home. These appliances come in many different styles and color, depending on your budget try to pick a model which not only have multiple features, but also looks good
  1. Some dispenser model makes a lot of noise, while cooling and heating water. Before buying a dispenser, verify if the dispenser is making any sound while chilling water.
  1. You must check the warranty information before buying the dispenser. Some companies provide additional maintenance when you buy a dispenser from them.


Gain more knowledge through Internet or from your friends or families who have already bought the appliance.

The important benefit of having a dispenser at home is it dispenses both hot and cold drinking water. Not all dispensers come with the facility of heating and cooling, but the ones, which come with these features are the most convenient option for your homes and offices.


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