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Mole Removal and Associated Costs

Having a mole on your skin is a very common scenario and it can be easily said, that most Americans have more than one mole on their skin. And it is not unusual to find adults having around 10-30 moles on their body. The scenario, when melanocytes cells appear in cluster instead of evenly spreading throughout the length of skin, causes development of skin mole. Melanocyte cells create pigment, which is responsible for giving color to our skin.

When such moles appear on face or other prominent areas of body, they become a cause of concern, as they adversely affect your bodys aesthetics. Removing mole from your skin can be expensive, and this is the reason some people opt against removing them. There are multiple options for getting a mole removed from your body, and the cost of each method is different from other.

Usually, most moles are either black or brown in colour and their size is normally less than the size of a pencil eraser. Though they look unsightly, but moles normally do not pose any health risk. But in some extreme cases, moles could be cancerous, If the mole on your skin cause itching, bleeding or develops an unusual shape you should get it checked from a doctor.

Though removing a mole can be expensive, but by doing proper research and gaining insights on various treatment options and their cost, you can get the mole removed without spending much money. If the mole on your skin makes you feel uncomfortable and you want to get rid of it, but excessive cost are stopping you from taking action, you can use following tips-

1) Search for a certified doctor/dermatologist having office in not so expensive areas. Doctors having office in high end areas of city, often charge more money as compared to others.

2) Discuss with doctor regarding various treatment options in order to figure out the best treatment option for your skin (which also falls under your budget.)

3) Try Various home remedies. Some home remedies for removing mole from your skin are very effective. I have discussed about some of these later in this article.

4) Discuss with your insurance company, if they will cover the cost. Usually, people go for mole removal treatment because of cosmetic reasons, hence, most insurance companies do not cover the cost.

5) Mole Removal Creams- Many of these creams are marketed as a cheap and harmless way of removing a mole from your skin. But experts advise against their use, as some of these creams could leave scars on your face.

Home Removal methods-

1) Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar- People use Apple Cider Vinegar to cure countless skin issues. It is also one of the most effective home remedy for removing moles from your skin. It contains tartaric and malic acid, which forces the moles to dissolve. Use a cotton ball or q-tip to simply apply small portion of apple cider vinegar on effected are daily for few days.

2) Garlic Applying the crushed garlic paste on effected areas for few days can help you get rid of moles really quick. Many people claim to have gotten good results from this remedy in less than weeks time. While using this remedy you should always protect your surrounding skin from getting in touch with garlic as it may cause some reaction.

3) Iodine- Iodine is comparatively less acidic than above two options. You can apply iodine twice or thrice a day on effected area. You will start seeing the visible results in 10-15 days. When using this method, there are lesser chances of adverse

5 Best Healthy Foods For Your Skin

When it comes to skin health, many people associate it with genetics, no doubt that genetics play an important part, but at the same time eating the right type of food can be very helpful in improvising the health of any skin type. Eating nutritious food can make your skin look youthful, fight many skin conditions like acne, wrinkles and can also help in fighting the signs of aging. Numerous women in their 20s and 30s suffer from acne. Although, taking antibiotics and some over the counter creams can be helpful, but many people do not know that just having a nutritious diet can help prevent the occurrence of various skin issues like acne.

Many people have successfully gained glowing and youthful skin by just making slight changes in their diet. In this article we bring to you certain food items which can help you gain healthy skin.


Tropical Fruit

These fruit items provide an abundant source of Vitamin C and important antioxidants to your body. Including food items like Mango, Pineapple and Papaya in your diet not only help your skin in stimulating the growth of collagen but at the same time also make your skin less prone to various common skin issues like acne. Addition of these food items in your diet will also give some other important health benefits like strengthening of immune system, protection from heart and lung diseases, protection from general cold and flu, etc. It is the presence of important vitamins and minerals in tropical food which make them a must have for people of all ages.

Olive Oil

Our skin needs good fats to provide necessary skin elasticity and to make the cell membranes stronger. Presence of good fat in your system will help your skin look more nourished and fresh. Olive oil provides our body with necessary anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids. Olive oil can be applied topically to our skin, they can be used as a face mask, and we can also use it with sea salt to exfoliate the skin. Some people also use olive oil for cooking their daily meals, as they are known to enhance the appearance of our skin.


Presence of Vitamin A and protein in Yogurt makes it a very popular food item amongst skin care enthusiast. Apart from making our skin glow,Yogurt can also help us in getting rid of excessive sebum. Experts advice people to add yogurt in their diet to get rid of skin conditions like acne, premature Aging and Discoloration of skin.

Red Grapes

Various studies have concluded that consuming red grapes can help us fight skin inflammation caused by conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Apart from antioxidants and various natural substance, Red grapes also contains resveratol. Resveratol are used in cosmetic products, especially in sunscreens. This ingredient does wonders to our skin and is very helpful in diminishing the signs of aging and killing dangerous cancerous cells from our skin.


One of the common cause for various skin condition is exposure of skin to the harmful UV rays. Consuming food items which are rich in Vitamin E can help us protect our skin from these harmful Ultra Violet rays. Consuming Broccoli not only provides our body with Vitamin E, but it is also rich in other nutrients like VItamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and calcium. Presence of all these nutrients in broccoli strengthen our immune system and help us find skin conditions like rashes, eczema, skin boils etc.